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Sarah Elisa and Romain Odin met while studying in Segovia, Spain. Their empirical approach through 1/1 prototyping informs a practice working closely with fabricators, craftspeople and laborers to accentuate the ordinaries -of people, their lifestyle and their interactions with spaces and artefacts. Extensive documentation through photography, film, drawing and sculpture plays an instrumental role in their practice, summarizing each Scenario with an experimentally fabricated publication.

Sarah Elisa Kimmich holds a Bachelor of Architecture from IE School of Architecture and Design in (Madrid, Spain), with a semester abroad in Seoul National University.

Her working experience includes an internship with Sigurd Larsen Architects in 2020 and the curatorial practice Loop Raum in 2019 in Berlin.

Her interests lay in material cultures and the exploration of experimental and contextual storytelling through bookmaking.

Romain Odin Lepoutre recently completed the Design + Make Postgraduate M.Arch at the Architectural Association's satellite campus, immersed in the working woodland of Hooke Park (Dorset, England). He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from IE School of Architecture and Design (Segovia, Spain).

Throughout his studies, he had the opportunity to intern at ANCB (Berlin, Germany), Liene Bosque Studio (New York, U.S.A.) along with a semester abroad at Tongji College of Architecture & Urban Planning (Shanghai, China). 

After graduating in 2019, he worked as a fabrication assistant at Studio Kimchi and Chips (Seoul, South Korea) and as junior architect at Barkow Leibinger (Berlin, Germany). 

His approach to architecture stems from a natural desire to work with hands and readily available resources to appreciate the expression, details, traces and mistakes within craft.

Romain Odin Lepoutre & Sarah Elisa Kimmich
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